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1 The Strange World Of... The Legendary Pink Dots 01-Aug-2013 Luke Turner
2 How can anyone grow tired of a life that constantly throws up fresh challenges? 11-Mar-2013 Didier BECU
3 Interview with Edward Ka-spel Of The Legendary Pink Dots 11-May-2012 Studio Wormbone
4 What's in my bag 12-Jan-2012 amoeba
5 Edward Ka-Spel interview (GOTH:InsideOUT) 30-Jul-2011 GOTH:insideOUT
6 On y était – Legendary Pink Dots au Divan du Monde (Interviews de fans) 19-Apr-2011
7 Edward Ka-Spel on KBOO radio, Portland 22-Nov-2010 KBOO radio
8 Interview on WFMU 03-Nov-2010 Brian Turner
9 Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots talks about changes and Tear Garden 20-Oct-2010 Tom Murphy
10 In-studio Silverman and Soriah performance (KPSU) 22-Nov-2008 Ricardo Wang
11 Edward Ka-Spel interview with But is it Art (WRSU) 14-Nov-2008 Corey Goldberg
12 11 things: The Legendary Pink Dots (SF Gate) 13-Nov-2008 Tim Sullivan
13 Crushed Velvet Conceptualists (LA Weekly) 04-Nov-2008 Liz Ohanesian
14 Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots (Creative Loafing Atlanta) 29-Oct-2008 Chad Radford
15 A Darkening Endless Horizon (Colorado Springs Independent) 16-Oct-2008 Bill Forman
16 Legendary Pink Dots legend is still firmly intact (Westword) 15-Oct-2008 Jon Solomon
17 Legendary Pink Dots Want R2-D2 ( 07-Jan-2008 Bonnie Burton
18 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (earXtacy) 15-Apr-2007 Joseph Coonick
19 Waltzing to the Rhythm of a Time Bomb (REGEN Magazine) 25-Jun-2006 Matthew Johnson
20 Lyrics aside, Legendary Pink Dots frontman says he's an optimist (Denver Post) 08-Jun-2006 John Wenzel
21 Interview (Starvox) 31-Mar-2005 Matt Heilman
22 The Legendary Pink Dots (Chain D.L.K.) 17-Jan-2005 Deidre "Dee" Rhein
23 Pink Dot Dash (Miami New Times) 03-Jun-2004 Jeff Stratton
24 A Legendary Past and a Pink-Hued Future (Slug Magazine) 01-Jun-2004 Ryan Michael Painter
25 Legendary Pink Dots (The Sentimentalist) 01-Jun-2004 Kirk Nesset
26 Anglo-Dutch Psychedelia? Join The Dots (Saint Petersburg Times) 29-Aug-2003 Sergey Chernov
27 Legendary Pink Dots offer plenty for new, old fans ( 25-Oct-2002 Anastasia Pantsios
28 Interview with Martijn de Kleer (GODSEND) 31-Dec-2000 Todd Zachritz
29 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (WZBC NEWTON) 25-May-2000 Jon Whitney
30 Along the Dotted Line... (Freq E-Zine) 12-Dec-1999 Antron S. Meister
31 Pink Dots aims sound at younger audiences (Daily Bruin) 20-Nov-1998 Sam Toussi
32 Interview of Edward Ka-Spel (ARTeFACT Magazine) 17-May-1998 Fabrice Le Sceller
33 An interview with Edward Ka-spel and the Silverman! 06-Feb-1998 W.Kabsch
34 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (Perfect Sound Forever) 01-Jan-1998 Andrew Grypa
35 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (Asylem Magazine) 10-Sep-1997 Nisus
36 Spoken Colapse of Conversational Ka-Spel 29-Aug-1997 Matthew Stephan and S. Arden Hill
37 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (Last Sigh Magazine) 01-Aug-1997 Kim Alexander and Michael Lund
38 Interview with Edward Ka-Spel (Interface Magazine) 01-Jan-1997 Michael Estabrook
39 L.P.D. Interview (AsYlem Magazine) 18-Nov-1995 Nisus
40 "DIVINE MADNESS" - An interview with Edward Ka-spel 02-Nov-1995 Unknown
41 Interview with The Legendary Pink Dots (RAD Cyberzine) 01-Nov-1995 Squid
42 Legendary Pink Dots Interview 27-Oct-1995 Mark G.
43 Interview with The Legendary Pink Dots (RAD Cyberzine) 01-Jan-1995 Squid
44 TEARGARDEN: White Coats and Haloes 01-Mar-1994 Leigh Neville
45 Interview with Cevin Key of Tear Garden (B-side Magazine) 01-Feb-1994 Sandy Masuo
46 Interview (Stained Productions) 16-Nov-1993 Greg Clow
47 MAPS, LEGENDS & DOTS (Montreal Mirror Magazine) 20-May-1993 Chris Yurkiw
48 Phone Interview with Edward Ka-Spel 12-May-1993 Mo Elnuaimy and Alan Ezust
49 Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel & Ryan Moore (KLC Radio) 05-May-1993 Ivan Drucker
50 After 13 Albums, The Legendary Pink Dots Still Play by Their Rules (Phoenix New Times) 28-Apr-1993 Ted Simons
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