New on Bandcamp- DisOrient Express

It's been a ruthless New Year so far. Heroes are supposed to be immortal, but we've seen too many lost in a month that sometimes felt like a decade.The sense of shock created a cloud that hung over Dots' hq for until roughly a week ago when we made the very conscious decision to embrace 2016 and do our part to turn this sad year around. The first releases of 2016 appeared a few days ago - just low-key download-only recordings of The Legendary Pink Dots and The Silverman live in Potsdam back in 1996 - they can be found on the Pink Dots' Bandcamp site.

The first physical release, on lovingly made CDr, is from The Silverman with a long unreleased album from 2001 entitled "DisOrient Express " The title is appropriate.

It's spontaneous, wild and after 40 minutes on the edge of your seat I promise a feeling a of breathlessness but with the delightful heady state that normally accompanies that condition. -EK





Public Bath / Waschhaus

 Two new uploads to Bandcamp, both from the same evening's performance in Potsdam in 1996

The Silverman's Artifact 1996: Waschhaus


...and A Public Bath by The Legendary Pink Dots



Public Beta

 Something that was missed-
Eric Drost's other project, Dustbombers, released Public Beta back in September 2015.

A full length vinyl album will be out early this year.





In the Cities of Your Eyes

Edward Ka-Spel has a track on
In the Cities of Your Eyes


Proceeds from this album will go to help refugee camps in the Dodecanese islands, Greece (Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Leros).
Available January 1, 2016






OUT NOW!- Saucers Over Lincoln

Saucers Over Lincoln, A beautifully packaged CD by A Star Too Far ( Legendary Pink Dots + Randall Frazier)

Order now through BLRR